Safety by the Dozen

23 June 2020
  1. Know how to do your job safely and always follow established safety rules.
  2.    Report all accidents, unsafe acts, and unsafe conditions in the workplace immediately to your supervisor.
  3. Personal protective equipment must be worn or used in any area for which it has been issued. 
  4. Use only the proper tool for the job. 
  5. Do not use defective tools or equipment. All defective tools, equipment, or machinery shall be taken out of service, tagged “Defective—Do Not Use”.
  6.  Do not disable machine guards or use equipment with a defective guard.
  7. Know the location of the closest fire extinguisher and first aid kit.
  8. Using or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while on the job is prohibited. Possession of such items in the workplace is also prohibited.
  9.  Refrain from horseplay or other acts that have an adverse effect on the safety or well-being of others. Such activity is prohibited.
  10. Good housekeeping must always be maintained in your work area. Each employee is responsible for housekeeping in his/her work area.
  11.   Use a ladder when required. 
  12.  No one will be permitted on the job that has in his or her possession firearms, ammunition, or articles of a similar nature.